Custom, Hand-Painted Airbrush artwork, Digitized for High-quality, Affordable Bulk Printing. Great for Brands, Merch, Teams + Businesses.


    Work one-on-one with some of the best airbrush graffiti artists in the world to create a custom design that fits your vision.


    Digital Artwork has become commonplace. Make your Merch stand out with novelty and authenticiy of truly hand-crafted airbrush artwork.


    Airbrush / Graffiti style apparel is increasingly popular, but hand-painting many shirts can be expensive.

    Paint-to-Print provides quality apparel at a great price!


Paint-to-Print Service

Paint-to-Print Service

Hand-Crafted Airbrush designs made for high-quality, affordable bulk printing

Infuse your brand with the unique style and attention to detail that only comes from individually crafted artwork. Our team, led byย Dale the Airbrush Guy, specializes in hand-painting one-of-a-kind airbrush artwork, specially designed to be used for high-qualityย affordable bulk printing.

Whether you're looking for a small batch of shirts for your family or team, custom fan merchandise, giveaways for a special event, or a large-scale production run for your shop,ย our Paint-to-Print service can make a lasting impression at a great price.

How does it work?

We are happy at the opportunity to create a custom design for you. After we discuss your ideas, we'll come up with a suggestion for the design, and work with you to make sure everything sounds right.ย 

Then,ย we will paint a custom artwork for you by hand, specially designed with printing in mind. We can provide the printed shirts for you, or, you can take the artwork to a printing company of your choice. The original T shirt can be sent to you as well!

How much does it cost?

There are two options with their own pricing structure.
We can provide you with printed shirts, and maintain the artwork rights ourselves, or, we can provide you with the artwork and the rights to print it yourself, whenever you like.

If we provide the shirts, the artwork fee is smaller - we make a small amount off each shirt the we print for you. Depending on the details, you can expect one-side printed t shirts to cost around $18 each, plus the design set-up cost.

If you want the artwork rights to print them on your own, we charge for that license.

There's a lot of variables - artwork complexity, shirt styles + quality, printing methods, order quantity, turnaround, etc. Let's discuss your order and we'll find something that can fit your budget!

Can't I just order a design from your shop and take a photo of it?

Hypothetically, yes.. Legally and morally, no, you cannot.

Technically, we own the rights to the artwork we produce. It really would be unfair for you to take a $20 artwork we quickly created for a one-time use, and print it endlessly, without paying royalties, or for a license. Not cool, bro.

Plus, there's a lot of thought that goes into designing specifically for print. By choosing to have us create a design intended for bulk printing, you will receive an artwork that has been thoroughly thought-out and painted with attention to every detail. You also get mock ups and revisions before the actual painting! Cool, huh!