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*Estimated delivery times are for the US only. Production and shipping times do vary, and this does not guarantee your order's arrival by this date.
If you need your order by a specific date sooner than 2 weeks away, please contact us to ensure it arrives on time!

Washing Instructions:

Our airbrush shirts are cured with an industrial heat press to ensure a long-lasting, fresh looking design. We recommend washing cotton items inside-out, in cold water, and allowing them to hang dry for best results.

Is there a group discount?

Yup! We offer 15% off orders of 12 or more items automatically.

If you're ordering a buuunch of shirts, contact us and we'll see what we can do for further discounts πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜

Can I see what my item will look like?

All of our designs are painted by hand, directly onto your item. We don't do a sketch before painting, we just get right to work. There's no way to show what your item will look like before we actually do the work. Our designs and instagramΒ gallery show many examples of our work and should give an idea of what your item will look like. Keep in mind this is custom artwork, and every single item will be different!

Can I send in my own items?

We do accept some items to paint our designs on - these items include denim jackets, special shirts and hats,Β new +Β unwornΒ bra's and underwear, and other white or light coloredΒ cotton or canvas items.

At this time we do not offer artwork on helmets, shoes, or automotive parts - reasonably sized fabric surfaces only.

Our ability to paint on special items is limited. They take a lot more time and care to paint then a standard shirt from our inventory; we have one shotΒ to get it right. For this reason, there is an extra cost with painting your item (you won't save money by sending us your shirt).

We can not be responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or completely terrible artwork on your items. This risk is 100% on you 😊

Do you do events or parties?

No. But we're happy to paint items in advance for your event. We have group discounts!

Other Questions?

Sorry we missed it. Please contact us below and we'll be happy to help!