Care Instructions + FAQ

Washing Instructions:

Cared for properly, airbrush shirts can last for years!

To keep your design looking beautiful, keep these things in mind:

  • Wash and dry your items inside-out
  • Use cold water only 💧
  • Avoid aggressive scrubbing of the design
  • Hang your items to dry (preferred), or tumble dry them inside out with low heat.

Is there a group discount?

Yup! We offer 15% off orders of 12 or more items automatically.

Can I see what my item will look like?

All of our designs are painted by hand, directly onto your item. We don't do a sketch before painting, we just get right to work. There's no way to show what your item will look like before we actually do the work. Our designs should give an idea of what your item will look like. Keep in mind this is custom artwork, and every single item will be different!

Can I send in my own items?

Unfortunately, we're currently unable to accept single items for painting. This is due to an increased demand for our services! We can accept or order special shirts for group orders. Items must be at least 60% cotton and white or light colored.

Do you do events or parties?

No. But we're happy to paint items in advance for your event. We have group discounts!

Other Questions?

Sorry we missed it. Please contact us we'll be happy to help!