Live Airbrush Events

Live Airbrush Events

Impress and Entertain guests with Live Airbrushed Shirts!

Having an Airbrush artist at your event is a great way to engage guests and deliver a lasting memory of your celebration. We are able to provide custom-designed, unique, and meaningful memorabilia at your event! Whatever the occasion, we can create a design theme that works for you.

While we cannot currentlyΒ physically attend your event, we can offer online, Live painting through Zoom or FaceTime!

Dale The Airbrush GuyΒ is no stranger to live streaming events! We will guide you through getting set up to display a live video call with Dale, who will interact one-on-one with your guests to paint their items as ordered. Guests will be able to watch from a great vantage point as Dale chats with them and custom paints their items! After the event, We'll package everything up and send it to you to give out to your guests at a later date.

This allows us to entertain at your event, no matter where in the world you are located! It also let's us provide our services at the best price, by completely negating travel costs, and lengthy setup times.