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Custom Wiener Dog Airbrush Shirts!

"We love your style and we’ve followed you on Instagram so I really trust your judgement on the artwork. Max is a hilarious, mischievous chihuahua/wiener dog mix so we’re hoping to capture his outrageous personality with these shirts."

You can order shirts like these here:
Heart Style Photo Transfer Design

130 Custom Airbrush Tank Tops
These guys were ballin on a budget, but really wanted some airbrush work done. After they shipped us several large boxes of blank tank tops, we were able to customize 130 of these tanks and meet their limited budget
Bachelorette Party Hats
"The hats look amazing - I am so excited to give them to the girls! They are exactly what I wanted and more :). Thank you for your fantastic customer service!
Talent Show Kids T shirts

"The shirts were great! Everyone complimented the kids at Talent Show! Thank you!"