Retro Gaming Odyssey Pre Sale

Retro Gaming Odyssey Pre Sale

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*This is a work in progress! 

I'm painting all my favorite game characters from my childhood, and I'm loving it more than anything I've ever painted.

I asked myself recently.. What do I want to paint? I paint a lot of commissions, but rarely paint anything for myself, from the heart. 

It's said that a true artist is someone who works with their hands, their heads, and their hearts. If my heart isn't in it, I'm just a craftsman. I've said before that I often feel like a human printer, rather than an artist, and I think that's where the feeling comes from.

I started this project with one, single goal in mind - I WANT to paint something that I personally enjoy. That was it. I truly had not considered selling it, or prints, or making money from the project. I wanted to paint it, and I wanted to create videos of the process (which is part of the fun for me).

Only after that foundation, and after the first few characters, did I consider what would come of it (prints, etc.). I have NEVER recieved the level of genuine support, compliments, encouragement, and interest that this project has gained. With over a billion video views, I've had plenty of one off comments and 🔥 emojis, but the feedback on this project was different. It meant something. and I think that's because it means something to me (less about the actual characters, and more about me being an artist, not a professional t shirt painter).

The scope of this painting has probably quadrupled (I love that word) since it began. There's many more characters, and FAR more detail being added than the initial plan. I'm going to continue refining earlier parts, and covering this thing top to bottom with content. It's pushing me as an artist to actually display the level of control and creativity that I'm capable of, and I'm loving the process. 

It is my hope that this is the new precedent for my work - spending time on real projects like this. Your support is how I can do that! Consider buying a printed shirt with the design, a poster, or something else! Or, just send a comment on a video! I read all I can.

I thank God for the opportunity to create art. This journey, this business success, this social media success, this talent, this joy, this faith itself, are all gifts from God. Praise his name. Jesus. YHWH. 

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