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*Estimated delivery times are for the US only. Production and shipping times do vary, and this does not guarantee your order's arrival by this date.
If you need your order by a specific date sooner than 2 weeks away, please contact us to ensure it arrives on time!

Quality Guarantee

At AirbrushCustoms, Inc. we guarantee the quality of both the items and artwork that we provide. If there is a defect in your item, or there is a problem with the artwork you receive, we'll be more than happy to make it right. That's just how good business is done. That being said, due to the nature of custom artwork, and the fact that real, live, human artists with their own styles and preferences hand paint each airbrush order, there will be differences between the displayed design, and your items. Our artists are encouraged to make changes as the see fit to improve the quality and appearance of your designs. After all, you are ordering custom artwork!

Refunds and Returns

Since all merchandise from AirbrushCustoms is custom-made, we cannot accept returns on any products once they have been shipped. If an error is found on your order after it arrives, we will take appropriate action to resolve the issue - This typically means we'll paint and send you a replacement. To protect our artists, refunds are offered only if your item has not yet been painted, if we specifically committed to and failed to meet a deadline, or after a reasonable number of attempts to resolve any artwork satisfaction issues have failed.