Made a Save with a Custom Baseball Uniform

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Made a Save with a Custom Baseball Uniform

Michele Came to us about a week ago in need of a shirt made to match her son's baseball team, for which he plays the important role of the "ball boy".

Unfortunately, the printing company that made the uniforms shirts for adults, couldn't make the same design in his size. Foul ball!

Not to worry, Michele, quick on her feet, turned to the only store where you can order one fully customized shirt to match the team's - and in the right size!

"Thanks!  It looks great!  You did an awesome job!"

Need a custom shirts made for your team?

Let us create the uniforms for your team or group! Even though we hand paint every shirt, our prices are on par with screen printing services!

Custom Shirts for Groups

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  • Michele

    Haha! Awesome little article! I cannot hardly wait for the mail to run tomorrow and see my sons face when he opens up his package and sees his new “uniform”! Thanks for saving the day Airbrush Customs! You guys hit a home run this time for sure!

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